Davis Humans versus Zombies

Welcome to Davis Humans v Zombies Winter 2018! This quarter's game will run from Monday, January 22-25th.

In order to play, you MUST REGISTER on this site! Please also RSVP to our Facebook event where you will find all mission updates and other info during the week.

Humans Vs Zombies is a glorified game of tag played at many college campuses throughout the world. The basic goal of the game is to survive (not get tagged) as long as possible as a human, or tag as many humans as possible as a zombie. See our ruleset here.

If you have any questions about the game or the rules, you can send a GM a message on Facebook.

Please note that the site is new and changes may be made throughout the game.
If you experience any technical problems, please contact a GM immediately.

Don't forget to check out the fan page.